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Thursday, April 15th 2004

2:47 PM


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When a child plays peek a boo,

It's like they are really saying,

You can't see me, if I can't see you,

It's more than a game they are playing.

There's a lot of truth in childs play,

That grownups don't understand,

They out grow fantisies that once filled their day,

As making a living becomes the primary demand.

But have we really closed our hearts,

To the children's games of the past,

When our heart is torn apart,

We need a place to hide when the pain seems to last.

We close our eyes and hide inside,

We feel it's the best thing to do,

It's as if we are saying to the world outside,

You can't see me, if I can't see you.

(Copyrighted. All rights reserved.)


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Thursday, April 15th 2004

2:27 PM


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Sometimes it's like a rush of many waters,

Sometimes it's still and small,

But unless we stop and listen,

We won't hear it at all.

He said be still and know,

 Know that I am God,

He's there to help us down,

Down the roads we must trod.

Shh...listen, can you hear it,

 It can seem kind of odd,

For once in your life to finally hear,

 The still small voice of God.

   (Copyrighted. All rights reserved.)


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